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Creative Partners: Considering Typography

From the research that I had conducted as well as what the brief required me and greta decided that we wanted to take a fairly modernist and simplistic approach to the aesthetic of the packaging and let the concept speak for itself, we felt this was best done through the use of black and white as well as a sans serif typeface. Initially I started working a light weight sans serif type face and experimenting with some basic layouts however I felt too far away from the existing brand, it didn't look like a L'Artisan product. I also experimented with the name of 'L'Art De Contradiction' and creating this concept through the distortion of the type. It looked cool, but ultimately it was illegible and unreadable and that our whole concept to it needs to clear what exactly we are communicating. 

After looking through many a font websites I found this typeface Giorgio Sans, as soon as I saw it I knew it was perfect for the brand and perfect for concept - it worked on so many left. Firstly the typefaces itself is inherently modern, it's clean and simple and sans-serif but the typeface came with titling alternatives and this gave the font a whole new feel, it still felt modern but it had a subtle hint of heritage about it and it is something me and greta wanted to achieve through the design. We want to modernise the brand and bring it into the 21st century but not forget it's traditional french heritage. Furthermore is is something french art deco about the typeface again reflecting the french heritage of the brand. Additionally the titling alternatives also offered contrast in letter form construction and this perfectly conveyed the contradiction concept, subtle but works extremely well - the letterform contradict each other! 

I met up with Greta to show her the progress I had made with the packaging, she liked what I had done and felt the concept came across well with the typeface and design I had began to put together. So I continued to work on these designs. 

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