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Good is New York City

The New York City Top 10 and more
  • A Multicultural mixing pot, as of the 2000 census 8,008,278 people live in New York City. 36 percent of the people living in the city are foreign-born and City hall has translators for 150 different languages. "Just walking around the streets of the city can be like walking around the halls of a cultural museum"
  • The most recognisable skyline in the world. The city is a place a great mix of modern architecture and cutting edge sky scrapers but also variety of traditional architecture mixed together with this. The city has over 5,800 high-rise buildings. The tallest is the Empire State Building at 102 floors and 1472 feet tall. 6 of the world's tallest buildings are in New York City. 
  • It's in all of the movies, More than 250 feature films are shot on location in New York City each year.
    The Subway. An average of 4.9 million people ride the New York City subway each weekday and is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week unlike any other subway system in the world's other major cities. New York City has 722 miles of subway track.
  • New York has the best park in the world, Central Park, which attracts more than 25 Million visitors annually and is 843 Acres, which is 6% of Manhattan's total acreage. Central Park also has 58 Miles of path way, more than 26,000 trees, 36 bridges, 29 Sculptures, 26 ballfields; 30 tennis courts; 21 playgrounds; one carousel; two ice-skating rinks, one of which is converted into a swimming pool in the summer. 
  • Yellow Taxis. New York's Yellow Cabs are yellow because John Hertz, the company's founder, learned from a study that yellow was the easiest color for the eye to spot. He was right. There are more than 12,700 licensed medallion taxis work the streets of New York City. 
  • The best of the world's food. More than 18,600 restaurants and eating establishments do business in New York City, and the average cost of a dinner in 2006, according to the Zagat Survey, was $39.43. That includes a drink, tax and the tip.New York City has 4,000 street food vendors.
  • All of the streets are straight and in blocks, it's a truly modernist city. There are 6,374.6 miles of streets in New York City.
  • It's the capital of the world, it's the greatest city.“The Big Apple” is a major world capital and a world leader in finance, the arts, and communications. The port of New York is one of the finest in the world and ranks as the largest port complex on the East Coast. The city is the home of the United Nations and is headquarters for some of the world's largest corporations. The city is also the center of advertising, fashion, publishing, and radio broadcasting in the United States.
  • The feeling that everyday you're might bump into a celebrity just on the street
  • Exposed brick work on studio apartment walls and the large new york style windows
  • The class of cultures between the 5 boroughs of New York City, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, Brooklyn and The Bronx 
  • "Anything can happen in New York City" - Unknown
  • Approximately 790,000 companies operate in New York City, There are a lot of jobs in New York city and many jobs within the creative sector. 

What is bad about New York City
  • It's extremely expensive to live and work in New York City
  • The city is densely populated with people and everywhere is busy and clustered, it takes on average 40 minutes for a worker in New York to get to work. It's very crowded and a lot of people don't like this. 
  • There's also lot's of noise pollution
  • Rats, lot's of rats. 
  • Street vendors food often be of poor quality and make you ill if you're not local to New York. 
  • Some areas of the city are dangerous with high levels and crime and violence in the poorer areas of the city. 

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