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Good is New York City: 5 Example of Branding

The design for this brand for an Exhibition of work in New York City and Amsterdam is very typographically driven and the layout of the type mimics the city scape of both cities but more so the New York City skyline, the logo is vertical and placed in a an exterior box mimicking the visuals of a skyscraper with windows, similarly on the post text is placed vertically to reference the city scape. Two distinct colours have been used to reference the two apposing cities in which the exhibition is being held. 

Story is a brand identity for a a store in Brooklyn, New York City, it's a book store that changes theme every six weeks but the versatility of the brand aesthetic allows it to stay consistent throughout the dramatically changing background environment. The brand is flexible and works across of range of different background colours and remains bold and striking. The logo is often presented in Black or White which allows it to offset itself from the background. The logo itself is very interactive as it change change and adapt as the brand moves forward but it remain recognisable and understandable. 

This branding is for a range of Taco shops throughout Brooklyn, New York City called Brooklyn Taco Co, it was created as a part of re-brand of the chain as they began to expand across the rest of New York City. The visual aesthetic itself is derived hand painted signage seen throughout the history of Brooklyn and today. However this has been combined with mexican pattern and colour palettes to merge the two cultures together in one aesthetic for the brand. The design creates a modern authenticity about the brand, it's aware of its heritage and upbringing but it's modern and forward thinking. The patterns are simplistic and bold, yet recognisable and identifiable with their customers they help set the brand apart from other resurants who's brand identity focuses more on typography. 

This branding is for another restaurant, Deli based in New York City called the Sugar Deli. The brand aesthetic is based on the 'now serving next' ticket found in traditional Deli's but takes this aesthetic and concept and modernises it. Each of the items sold in the restaurants shop carries a unique number, like the traditional ticket, making the brand feel more personal and friendly rather than another faceless, corporate restaurant deli. The colour red has been used to hark back to the red ink and markers used on packaging. 

This brand carries a very different aesthetic to the other Branding I have looked at and this is primarily a result of their target audiences,  most of the other branding has been based and aimed at those living in Brooklyn and had a much stronger feeling of heritage. Whereas this brand which is aimed at and based in Manhattan has drastically different aesthetic. The brand is clear, minimalist and corporate and reeks of luxury and expense, even the name reference an expensive model of car immediately associating the brand with class and luxury. The brand itself is constructed from a main colour palette of Grey/Silver, black and yellow. Black forms of the main background colour and is offset with the yellow or silver, the silver in particular makes the brand feel more luxurious. Furthermore I think the cleanliness and simplicity of the brand references the type of experience to be expected by the brand and also it's cliental who are those sophisticated, upper class, well paid manhattan workers. 

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