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Studio Workshop: Good is...

To start the sessions we're given a few example by lorraine of what good is, basically things that we each individually find good but also why we find them good. We were then given 10 minutes to individually devise a list of at least 5 things that we think are good and we think they good. Within my list I included corn on the cob - it's the best food ever! and making cocktails, a hobby of mine and other things I think are good. 
  • Good is Corn on the cob - Best tasting food ever, I like the apparatus you put in either end to eat it, it makes me feel american, I like watching the butter melt into the corn (oh dear)
  • Good is american TV - I love american people, It's intense, well filmed and well made, they can actually act
  • Good is making cocktails - A different form of creativity, I alcoholic drinks that taste good
  • Good is My bed - It's comforting, it's peaceful, it gives me time to think and be creative, I'm always tired and I'm therefore happy when I'm in bed
  • Good is Driving - I'm bad at it but I think I'm good, I like listening to loud music in the car, it's cosy, It makes me feel like an adult
  • Good is apple - Visual perfection, I like the smell of new apple products, I like the things I own to match

We were then put into randomly selected groups of six, our table turned out to be quite controversial and argumentative about the things we like because we all liked very different things! However we generalised something our likes into broader genres or themes that we could all agree to then create a list of 10 good things we all agreed on. 

  • Laughter - Makes you feel happy
  • Music - Can be for everyone but also very personal
  • Achievements - Gives you a feeling of accomplishment and and pride
  • Summer - Sunshine, happiest time of the year, friends, beaches, the sea
  • Good Food - Varies for everyone and there is such variety to make everyone happy
  • Exercise - General well being, competition
  • Friends, Family and Pets - Companionship, safety, communication, reliable
  • Money? - allows us to do and have the things we want 

To push this further our sheets was then exchanged with another table, our sheet was exchanged with a table that worked together more fairly without the shouting to achieve their list. Using their list we than discussed as a table what was bad about each of the items on the list, this proved interesting as it was much easier to think of reasons why we didn't like something rather than why we liked something, we blazed through the list. As a year taking 12 minutes to do this but 22 minutes to come up with the list of good things. Human nature we are failed apparently. 

Moving Forward: 
  • Choose one thing that I think is good and develop a body of research for tomorrow to present to my peers and this should consist of at least a Top 10 of why my chosen good thing, is so good. 
  • Ways in which this could be done include the following - What's bad about it, get some stats to back up your research and opinions (Use who, what, when, where and why possibly?) 
  • Also think about not just why it might be good to me but why it may also be good to other groups of people and develop a targeted auidence, that't not everybody.

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