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Creative Partners: Initial Ideas

Me and Greta decided after our Action Plan 1, that before we meet again we would begin to research and develop some initial ideas for the brief based on our own interruptions of the brief so that when we first meet we have ideas to discuss and a starting point on which to move forward. My first approach to the brief was to develop a body of research that explore both contemporary packaging and bottle design as me and greta had briefly discussed we would be designed the bottle and packaging. After the analysis of the brief this helped me focus on what types of design to look and what the are expecting from the solutions to the brief. 

I felt it was important to also be considering the names of the perfume at this stage as there is four different scents and these need to influence both the concept and the design of the perfume. I developed an overall concept that I called 'The art of contradiction' or 'L'Art De Contradiction' and this stemmed from the simple fact that each of the perfumes descriptor words were in fact contradictions such as 'Stormy yet still'. At the point I felt this quite a strong concept and decided to use this an influence to begin thinking about names and bottle designs using this idea of contradiction. In regards to names I thought about more words describe the scents that more strongly represent a contradiction. 

I also translated this contradiction concept over to how I thought about bottle design such using two different materials for the bottle, the shapes and forms of the bottle that could be considered contradictory. I also thought how the perfume could be suspended in the bottle and how two tones of coloured perfume also convey contradiction. 

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