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Creative Partners: Agreements & Disagreements

Separately we devised a list of 20 things that we thought, based on the joint discussion we just had could be potential areas for both agreement and disagreement

  1. We both want to win
  2. Great understand that sometime I need to say no and keep her ideas under control so they can become something realistic and achievable but still great 
  3. We both understand that we have completely different backgrounds and skills set and we need to find a way to make these gel well together
  4. There will be times when Greta won't like it when I tell her we can't do something but ultimately together we will find away to achieve something great in another way
  5. Greta is idea based and I am production and finishing based of the chosen design and idea/concept
  6. Great has great presentation skills and can sell our idea
  7. I am too easily distracted in the studio and greta needs to keep me focused
  8. Great takes too many cigarette breaks and I need to stop her from going as much as it interrupts the flow of creativity
  9. We both want to do something extremely innovative and that pushes us both within this brief
  10. I work well with digital production of type and images whereas greta works best working with this but in an analog way
  11. I think we will disagree on how much we are willing to spend on the brief
  12. I think we both realise at times it's going to be extremely difficult to work with each other
  13. We both want to exploit each others skills sets
  14. We are both willing to give it everything we have and dedicate as much time as we can to the brief
  15. We also want to have fun doing this!
  16. Greta will more likely be responsible for booking studio workshops and using them around myself being the time manager who will then be working on the digital design
  17. We are both in the studio a lot which means it will be easy to stay in contact with other and develop ideas and keep the project moving forward 
  18. We both want to get started on this straight and get moving as soon as possible
  19. We will need to take breaks from each other in order to keep our sanity and move forward with individual tasks
  20. We will take equal responsibility in decision making based on our skill sets 

Together we created a list of 5 things we both agree on and 5 thinks that are different about us that may be beneficial to the brief

  1. We can both generate ideas
  2. We can both exploit different software to our advantage InDesign for me for example and after effects for Greta
  3. We both want to give it everything
  4. Time is the project manager and Greta is the creative manager
  5. We both share an interest in the analog movement of 3D media with graphic design

  1. Greta can develop hundreds of ideas
  2. Greta is loud and creative whereas Tom is more reserved and focussed
  3. Tom gets distracted easily and great takes too many cigarette breaks
  4. Greta thinks on the big and Tom thinks on the realistic and we need to find a happy medium
  5. Greta is bad at time management

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