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Good is New York City: Initial Research Booklet & Mockup

I have started to compile my research into the 16 page booklet, I wanted to come up with a concept for booklet rather than just a 16 page A format printed booklet. Most of the content I have been researching  into is the information that tourists look about cities however i have focused on looking at information like this but that tourist would less traditionally find. I came up with the idea to make the research booklet in the format of a map, every tourist has or uses a map and the format fits and aligns perfectly with the content I have been researching. I have produced an initial mock up to take to crit and printed it on the laser printer. I booklet is still in it's very early stages and have printed in it this way in the hope that I can move forward with the design of booklet in reflection of the feedback that I will receive in the crit. Both the concept and type of content lead me to name the booklet 'I'm not a your average vacationer, i'm a new yorker' which sums up the concept and the type of content inside. Within the design I have tired to create a contrast between text and image so that is doesn't appear to text heavy or too image heavy either. 

Working with the printed mock up also help me better understand how I can work with format as up until this point it has been digitally designed now that I have printed it I can already see adjustments that I can make to the design. 

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