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Good is New York City: Crit 1

We were given a day to go away and research into our chosen theme, mine being New York City, we need had to pitch our research in small groups so holes could be picked in the body of researched that we had produce thus far. Through the process of gathering my research, I found it hard myself to find bad points with my 'good' and was hoping this would be raised by peers within the crit.

After I pitched my reasons and research behind why New York City is good I engaged with a discussion with my peers in the group, the topic was received well and it was said that I had a broad range of generic research collected so far, however it was suggested that I could do the following to continue my research

  • Consider specifying on a borough of New York city, like Manhattan to help make the research more specific and focussed
  • Consider the history of New York an area I haven't currently looked into
  • It was also suggested that subway facts and stats I'd found were interesting, so this could be explored further and even how this form of transports work in parallel with other forms of transport in the city
  • Look into why New York, is called New York, again relating to the history of the city
  • What is there in new york, landmarks etc. 
  • Consider New yorks impact on the rest of the world, for example some of Leeds architecture being influenced by the building in New York, furthermore to what extent is this a good or bad thing and its relation to globalisation. 
  • The safety of new york was also discussed, for myself and many other you think new york isn't that safe, but it's actually the safest of the top 25 cities in american, but why is it? What makes New York safe? 
  • I also thought about considering the difference between the borough's for example Manhattan and The Bronx. 

After the crit I engaged with a mini workshop to focus on where I need to be going with the project

5 Things I need to find out more about
  • The Architecture of Manhattan
  • The history of New York and the different Boroughs of NYC
  • The subway and it's role in the city as a transport system and it's relation to other transport systems
  • New York's impact and influence upon the rest of the world
  • Why is New York as safe place to live compared to other American cities. 
  • Why is NYC called New York

5 Skills you want to improve
  • Typography skills
  • Use of colour
  • Laser cutting experimentation
  • Illustrator skills
  • Digital interaction skills
  • Reflective practice within blogging
  • Photography skills

5 Ways in which you could improve these skills within this brief 
  • Consider how illustrator can be used to create more advanced imagery rather than just the images that the basic tools can create
  • Get a laser cut induction and start to use that resource
  • Attend the type workshops and bring this skills into my studio practice
  • Consider the meaning of colour and why you are using it
  • Research into different reflective theories and pick one I feel I can use within my blogging
  • Book out the photography studio when needing to photograph work
  • Push the way in which I design for web and screen so that it is more interactive and goes beyond the basic functionality of a website or app. 

Moving Forward
  • Gather 5 examples of branding that are similar to relate to your chosen theme and disect them to consider why certain visuals, colours, image and type has been used
  • Bring them to the session next week in printed format
  • Also bring 5 examples of print that have processes or aesthetics that you want to use within this brief, consider examples that relate to your chosen theme. 

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