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Studio Brief 3: Concept Workshop

Today we were delivered a new, which is a week long and the brief is to design a poster for a new exhibition that will be happening the Graphic Design corridor. To kickstart this brief Simon and Lorraine ran a studio workshop to help start us developing a range of potential concepts for the brief. We worked in small groups to come up with a range of possible names that the exhibition could be called, we used a few processes to develop these names such as word association, using the dictionary and thesaurus as well as looking at antonyms of words to look at the concept from a different perspective. This studio was an extremely valuable session not only in helping to develop a range of concepts/ideas/names for this brief but also teaching use processes for concept development that I can use in future when developing concepts.

These were the range of names that our group came up with, it is a pretty extensive list considering we only had a short amount of time to produce it. There are a couple of names that I would like to move forward with at this stage, taken from this list and develop them into my own ideas. 
  • I really like the name Hatch, which is something I randomly thought of in the sessions, it's like we are hatching new talent on the course and this will be showcased in the exhibition. The hatching of a egg is also a process like it needs to laid and then hatched, this cycle mirrors the changing of the exhibition bi monthly.  
  • I also like A2, simple, effective and straight forward - some of my main design principles!
  • I also like the name highlight because the exhibition is a highlighting of our work, this could lead to nice visual with brightly colours highlighter/neon inks

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