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LCA Alumni: Concept Ideas

It is essential that the logo is developed around a concept and that the logo reflects the values of the Alumni. As a starting to begin developing concepts I used the brief was extensive in comparison to most of the brief I have worked on this module. This was good it providing me an solid idea of exactly what they wanted. Throughout mind mapping I listed all of the key words from the brief which described both the requirements as well as the principles of the alumni this is the areas I focused on for developing the concept.  

Using the key words from the brief I used a thesaurus and expanded the meanings of the words and developed a range a new words which described the values of the Alumni. From here I looked at translating these into visual ideas and metaphors. Many of the ideas I was working with all linked with the same ideas as they stemmed from the same place. This lead me to combine many of my ideas into one solid visual idea. 

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