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Good is New York City: Rationale

I am going to developed and design a mobile application called Detour which will aggregate the information about New York City which I have researched into an Augmented Reality game which will use this information to create specific 'Lenses' through which users will be able to select in order to tailor their experience of the city based on there interest. This will create a new format and a new way of providing information to the audience which is normally presented to them in the form of a printed guide book. Furthermore the Lens feature will mean the information is relevant to them rather than them having to sift through a while guide book to find relevant content to them. This application will form a product range through the production and design of the application itself, accompanying website, promotional pack to promote the application to businesses as well as a demonstration video showing how the video will work. The application primary goal to show its users an uncommon and new, alternative perspective to New York City which will make them feel like a real New Yorker rather than just a tourist. The companion website that works in synthesis with the mobile app will provided added benefits to the user by allowing them to relive the experience after they've experience through this digital website which they can then share online with their friends. Overall the applications production is justified by the need for a presentation information to tourists in a fun and new way and also which tailors this information to them but are key requirements of my defined brief.

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