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Good is New York City: Developing Iconography

Since the last module I have since learnt that Iconography is a key part of modern web design and application interface design, so I want to develop my skills in this area as I have in the past used stock iconography however for the brief I want to create my own set of icons to use within the application which also fit with the visual aesthetic I am trying to create. Initially I planned out all of the icons that I would need for the design of the interface, from here I began to draft and sketch possible symbols or icons associated with the word and possible ways of visualising the icons. From here I then began to work digitally so translate these initial rough design into vectors illustrated files.  

When designing my icons I felt it was important to establish a series of design rules by which each icon followed to make them work as a set and keep the icons consistent. The main principle I designed the icons with was that the flat icons design a appeared to be bloated and this was so the icon looked like it was being seen through a fish eye lens, as seen above. The icons were also all designed with 5.9pt stroke weight. 

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