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Good is New York City: Initial Brand Guidelines

Within this brief I am wanting to starting working like a professional graphic designer, with a professional work flow and this starts with creating a set of brand guidelines before I design anything, to form a set of principle to follow while designing products for the brief. My initial guidelines are formed from the logo, colour scheme and typeface. 
Within this brief I have had to take a different approach to developing a colour scheme as traditionally I look for colours that work together to form a palette however for this brief I need a set of 5 distinct colour which can used to identify different types of content and information. I experimented with a range of colours across tonal values some high and low, however I ultimately choose a range of vivid colours in order for them to stand out against the backdrop of the city which will form the main element of the mobile application. 

The final logo design in flat colour, however it can also appear in a more 3D style.

I have also started to look at a range of possible fonts that I could work with and that work well when displayed on screen. I selected an initial range of fonts that are good digital display fonts however I ultimately choose the same font used within my logo, Brandon Grotesque, to keep visual consistency across the application. I choose Promixa Nova for body copy as it displays well on iPhone as is easy to read. 
Final set of brand guidelines for the typefaces and colours that I will be using across the design of the application and website. The primary colour for the brand itself will be the orange, the other colours form the secondary colour palette for the content of the application. 

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