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Good is New York City: Logo Development

Detour is a new form of map, a good logo idea however my app is complete reinvention of the traditional map perhaps not the strongest logo in communicating this. 

New perspective of the city translated into the perspective of the type. 

To much London underground not enough New York City. 

The Lens concept is translated well but with logo looses legibility and spacing off.

Look too much like a film reel, the purpose/function of the app will be lost or miscommunicated.

Too much a treasure map vibe which I don't think goes with the metropolis that is new york city.

Drop a pin? Translates the concept of way finding well, a possibility. 

Pushing the pin concept further, using this symbol will communicate the purpose of the app to the audience. 

After exploring a few visual variations of this logo design and idea I think it's the strongest and communicates the concept of the app well, I have also asked for some quick feedback from my peers and they agree that this is good logo and I should run with this idea from the range I have developed.

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