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Good Is New York City: Naming the Concept / Lightbulb Moment / Detour

At this point since  my last concept crit I have a pretty solid idea about what my concept is and what it is trying to achieve however it needs a strong name which communicates the concept. I want to have a strong name ready for the next crit to help me to explain the final idea to others. Within the previous module I struggled with naming my TV channel this is why I am starting to think about the name early one so I make sure I get it right time. I started to look at the name the same way I'd been developing concepts. I also used the process Lorraine recommended of just getting everything out on paper and go from their in selecting a name thats the most appropriate.

I started by looking at words associated with the idea of lens that will be used by the end user to give them a specific perspective of the city. I spent a couple of hours doing this but I still didn't feel like I had a killer name, nothing was standing out to me! I went to Lorraine for help because I was Freaking out my name again! Eve was sat on my table at this point going through the same process as me she suggested we swap projects to get fresh eyes our project, we both thought this was a good ideas. So we played swapsies. 

We both hammered out a range of new and fresh ideas for each other. I really liked this process as it allowed my project to have a fresh set of eyes rather than my tunnel visioned approach that was occurring at this point. I was grateful for Eve helping me out but there still wasn't a name that was standing out to me. 

However last night I had a light bulb moment! Whilst I was watching one of my favourite american TV Shows, 'The Amazing Race' the name suddenly struck me, 'Detour', this is can aspect of the TV, but Detour is the perfect name for my application. I have said all along that the application was about not being a tourist, and feeling like a tourist by going on all of the common tours and guides, so what will users of my app be they will be taking a 'DETOUR' from the common. At this point I couldn't be happier with my name I think it's sums up my concept in one word! 

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