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Good is New York City: Concept Pitch 2

Since the last concept crit I have taken on all of the Feedback and developed a solid concept, the concept itself has come along way since I initially presented the concept. The main concept is an Augmented Reality mobile application/game which has different 'lens' through which the city can be explored and these 'lens' are tailored to specific interests and tourist types so that the content of the game and the experience is based on what the user wants to gain from there exploration of the city. 

The concept also links in with a visual design aesthetic concept which will inform the design of the application and this is 'lens' lens are ways of seeing specific things about the city and blocking out irrelevant information to the end user, this concept of the lens and visuals that are associated with this will inform the visual design. 

Furthermore I have also Clarified the target audience which I have split into a primary and secondary target audience. In the beginning I was thinking about how the application relates to tourists and this group of people form my primary target audience however the versatility of the application means that it is also relevant to those already living in the city who wants to see or explore something new. 

Within my last concept crit it was mentioned that I need to clarify my product range that I will be developing for the brief. This initially came as a challenge as the primary range of products are all digital however I needed a print aspect, I have done this by splitting the concept into two parts, Detour for end user and Detour for businesses. The products range for the Detour end user App will be the application, a website, a demonstration video and brand guidelines. The Detour for businesses is the application as a brand and as a service and how it can be used by businesses to bring in customers to their business. This is where the print products come in as I will be creating a 'Promo Pack' to advertise the app and what it can offer to businesses and how the app can use corporate sponsorship. 

For this concept pitch I have throughly thought out exactly how the application will function and produced a timeline for what the users will experience when using the application. Essentially users will log in to the app and select a specific detour that is relevant to there interests, from there they will begin the detour, throughout the detour a numbers of events can occur from challenges, and points of interests that all appear through the augmented reality detour game. (Initially I have a range of thing to happen on the Detour, the ability to add friends along with your, focal points which are points of interest, Zoom which are image galleries of the environment they are exploring, Capture which is photo opportunities for users and challenge which encourage users to get lost to give them a deeper experience of the city). Finally the application will end with a Checkin at the final destination of the Detour however other check ins can occur along the journey of the detour. 

The website aspect of the concept links directly with the mobile application. The mobile application is used as part of the actual detout and is used when exploring the city the website offers can extension of this by recreating this Detour using Google maps StreetView. Using google maps StreetView users can relive the exact Detour that they experienced and layered over this will the experience that encountered from checkins to photos they have taken allowing them to relive their experience but also share it online with friends and family. 

I have produced some initial mock up imagery which demonstrates  visually how the augmented reality aspect of the application will work. Essentially the typographic directions of the Detour will be Mapped in 3D on the environment the user is seeing through their mobile phone camera. 
There is a lot to get done for this brief! So I have began to map out my time, in the form of a dated time management to do list or organiser which should hopefully enable me to get everything complete by the deadline! 

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