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Studio Brief 3: Concept Pitch

Concept 1: Made By Us
The first concept that I have developed was based on the premise that the work in the exhibition is ours, it's been made by us and this is where the name has come from. Pushing the concept further I also thought how this concept might work in the future of the exhibition, for example, is the theme for one month of the exhibition was movie posters it would be called, Movie Posters Made By Us, or Modernism Made By Us and so on and so through. The visuals that I have developed to go along with the concept are simple and effective they communicate the sense that the exhibition is in the preparation stages and is getting ready to begin, the large type may also attract attention to poster. Visually it's also a pun to graphic design and out use of InDesign software.

Concept 2: Eye Candy
This idea actually developed out of something that I am working on fro Context of practice, I have chosen to develop this idea because of the visual aesthetic that's produce. The concept is eye candy, pure and simple the posters themselves are pieces of eye candy. It also links in with that idea of designers designing for designers and that when doing this you can make something that is just beautiful to look which maybe one of the aspects of the exhibition whereas normally we design with a purpose. I like this design and concept because I think the concept and visuals are fun and striking.

Concept 3: Highlight
I think this is the strongest of my concepts in that the name of the concept and exhibition communicates best what the exhibition is about and what the purpose of exhibition is and its to highlight our work. I think it's also relevant to how we feel as a year group, our studio is pain white and we never put out work up and this is something that needs to change we need to embrace and showcase all of the work that we are producing this concepts communicates this. I also think this idea would look great if printed onto newspaper stock and a neon ink was used over the top! Making the poster bold and stand out in the corridor/ exhibition space. 

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