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Good is New York City: App Development

Splash Screen

Start screen - Access to Setting, profile and to Start a Detour

Profile Page

Select A Detour

Example of a sponsored Detour by a local business

Select Level of Detour based on how well you already know the city, this is where primary and secondary audiences come into play, my primary audience Tourist will not know the city well therefore they would select Easy whereas my secondary target audience people who already live in the city have harder difficulty settings so that the Detour will show them content more out of the ordinary which they won't have normally seen. 

Each Detour can be shortened and lengthened based on how much time you have available. 

Way finding in the application using the phones camera and augmented reality to project the direction onto the world seen through the camera. 

Points of interest: Key locations relevant to the type of detour the user is currently on

Galleries: They provide users with galleries if beautiful photos showcasing the environment they are currently experiencing. 

Challenges: They appear throughout the Detour and give the user a challenge which will get them lost in the city so they can explore it more but in a serendipitous way, the app however will always get them back to original path of the Detour.

There are a range of challenges with the app with will give the user different experiences. 

At the end of the Detour users can check in to the final destination of the Detour, from here they also have the option to explore another Detour in the city. 

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