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Good is New York City: Final Crit

The Final crit for the What is Good Brief in this module, ran the same way in which our previous crits had been running and with the same people and tutor. I think this type or crit and keeping the same crit groups has worked well as we all know each other's work well which makes the feedback we give me useful and valuable. In this crit we each presented our work much like we have been doing previously. At this point I still have much work to do on this brief so at the crit I presented the mobile app designs on my iPhone so that people could see how the app would like on an iPhone. I received positive feedback from the work I had completed so far. The main piece of feedback that I received was from Lorraine and she suggested that I don't attempt to make the application video until everything else is complete, as I mentioned to her this was my next task she said to get everything else out of the way first as it's my first time making a video and it could potentially be quite time consuming. I am taking this on board and re adjusting my time schedule and making sure all my other work in relation to this brief is complete before I start work on the video.

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