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Good is New York City: Website Development

The website component of the brief works in sync with the mobile application, as the mobile application is used for the actual experience and exploration of the city, the website allows the user to relive this experience online, over and over. The websites used Google Maps StreetView, in which the detour is then mapped on top. The reason for this is I wanted the user to feel as if they are back exploring new york, and streetview allows me to do this. The same path the user took on the detour is created digital and you move through the experience as if you're walking down the street. 

Demonstrated here alike the app the points of interest that the user encountered along the way also appear on the online detour, all of the these points can easily be accessed with the timeline of the detour at the bottom of the webpage. 

When a user click on a point of interest and light box appears over the page, where they are then provided with the relevant information, this works as a three column layout in the first column details that specific point of interest encountered and the middle collumn shows the photos taken and the final column allows for comments which are linked to the detourers Facebook pages. this allows for themselves and their friends to comment on their detour experience. 

These columns are also responsive in that they can be expanded and collapses to revealed less or more information. For example if a user wanted to see the photos at a larger scale the middle column can be expanded to show larger photos. 

The same approach has been taken to each of the types of point of interest that the user can encounter including, galleries and challenges.

Users check ins also appear on the website so friends and family and see, comment and explore the places that there friends went to building a community and conversation around their detour as well as advertising these business to users who may want to go there based on their friends having a good time there. 

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