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Studio Brief 3: Poster Development

I have decided that I won't have enough time to screen print my poster which is what I initially intended to do, as i'm not familiar with the process as I haven't done it before and the resource will be extremely busy at this time of the year I feel it's not a viable option for me right now as learning that process will be incredibly time worthy as I also have many other briefs and modules to be working. Therefore I have developed the poster digitally and will be externally printing the poster.

I have decided to take Imogen brilliant idea forward of using the background newspaper as way to showcase the courses accomplishments. I have collated a range of achievements that have happened over the past year on the year such as the ycn's win from last year, the success catalogue studio and the more recent wins at the secret 7" competition and also the leeds print festival. 

As I am not using analog processes to produce the poster I have tried to replicate the effects of these processes digitally, such as the black print of the newspaper, the worn, aged effect on the newspaper as well as the show through that you can achieve with screen printing. I am fairly happy with the final products however I would have liked it a lot more had it have actually been screen printed. 

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