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Studio Brief 3: Concept Crit Feedback

The concept crit was split into two parts, for the first part of the crit we were placed into small groups and we each discussed and presented our ideas a process we are all familiar with now. When I presented my ideas I received a fairly positive reaction to all of my concepts and the group was torn between two of my ideas, the highlight concept and the eye candy concept. People liked the eye candy concept because it had really nice visual to communicate the concept where the highlight concept was liked because it had a strong concept and related to the exhibition itself. Imogen gave me a great piece of feedback in that she suggested I placed students work in the background of the newspaper so that the concept worked on two levels in that it promoted the exhibition and this poster itself already began to highlight some of the achievements of the course. 

In the second part of the crit we disbanded the small groups and as a class we got to look at everybody's work and then leave written feedback with people work. This process was just as informative as the first half of the crit and for this solidified which idea I should choose to run with and produce for this brief. 

In the final part of the crit as a class we each presented that idea we had chosen to produce to the whole class, simon gave bits of feedback throughout his process and said that he liked my idea as it showcased the achievements of the course as well as denominating demonstrating why we have the reputation that we do.  

I will be moving forward with the 'Highlight' concept as it was liked my many of the people that viewed my work, furthermore I is the strongest of the concepts I developed as it promotes the exhibition as well as the course it also has a more unique visual aspect than my other designs. 

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