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Good is New York City: Promo Pack Development

For the Detour Business part of the brief I am creating a promo pack to advertise the application to local business in New York, the pack works at two part, the A2 paper fold into an A5 format, this will be the format which is sent through the post, as the user fold out this A5 format the pieces acts as a leaflet explain the application how it works and how it can benefit there business. Once completely folded out by user the reserve side of the page is an A2 poster, this is a poster to put up within their business to promote the application to their customer. Initially I have started to plan out how this format will work within the mock up above, doing this is also beneficial as it has enabled to see what content goes where and which orientation the content needs to be in. 

Secondly I have planned out what content will be going where within the leaflet/promo pack. It was important for me to plan this on paper so that content flow was correct and the content was in the right order and that it made sense to the user.

I have now started to produce the promo pack digitally, I have been experimenting with some visual variation for the poster.  I think the final layout is the most effective as it gives a sense of movement of the image behind the hand/iphone which is what I wanted to achieve. 

Final composition and functioning of the promo pack.

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