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Alphabet Soup/ Final Letterforms Conveying 'Expand'

The final 10 letterforms I created consisted of two sets of 5 letterforms, which as sets convey the word 'expand'. I picked the two strongest ideas from the range of ideas I explored throughout the development and exploration process. The first series of letterforms is based on a crack which begins small and gradually begins to expand and enlarge across the five letterforms, during the creation of these letterforms I was also exploring how much of the letterform could be removed yet the letter still be legible. I feel that as a series all the letterforms are legible, as the in context with each other, however the final letterform of the first series could be confused with other letterforms such as the letter F. The second series of letterforms I created focused on the concertina effect I explored throughout my development. Again the letterforms convey 'expand' when seen as a series and are in context with each other, as the concertina expands and grows across the five letterforms. The first letterform works extremely well both singularly and within context of the other letterforms, however the later letterforms of the series are visually similar and the change is subtle which isn't always immediately noticeable. 

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