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Alphabet Soup Typeface/ Interview with David Gaskell

To develop a better understanding of David and to learn more about him before designing a typeface based on his character we both interviewed each other against a predetermined set of questions. Although the questions were varied we felt we didn't learn much about each others character. So after answering the preset questions which give me such knowledge as david's favourite saying being 'Kabash' and worst fear being homelessness, we decided to ask each other more interesting questions such as music taste, favourite movies and hobbies to gain a greater and more detailed understanding of David's personality. From the interview areas I feel I could focus on are transport, throughout the questions many of David's answer revolved around some sort of transport, for example, he hates people lack of manners whilst driving, hates public transport in general, he has a commonality to fall asleep on the train and is everyday life involves taking the journey from Manchester to Leeds to attend university. However what intrigued me the most about David's persona was that when we first engaged in the interview David was very shy and quite however by the end of the interview he became an interesting, talkative and upbeat character. This stark contrast in how you first perceive David and how that perception of David changes as you learn more about him is a key feature of his personality. 

Areas of potential focus for the typeface:

  • Initial shyness which leads to David's true talkative and interesting character 
  • Transport 
  • Passion for Electric Industrial Rock
  • His favourite phrase 'Kabash' 
  • Love of the 60's and specifically the late 60's 

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