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Proverbially Yours 1/ Developing Ideas

Within my initial ideas I considered how the wheel had initially been made by many different shapes and different materials before the perfect circular wheel had been created. Within my initial idea I showed this through drawing wheels in the shape of triangles and squares before crafting the perfect circular wheel, however I felt this visual representation was slightly too simple and perhaps childlike. Therefore within this developed idea I have visualised a more accurate timeline of the wheels history before it was perfect. I think this is a strong idea as it shows how many had to practice making the perfect wheel before it was actually created many years later. The type only poster also conveys this sense of progression and movement towards perfection shown through the improving use of type from cave like type to a sans-serif typeface of modernism. I think the idea works well, however the posters may convey more of an idea of evolution rather than the idea of practising something to make it perfect. In contrast I have focused on a childlike idea, which is that children have to practice and learn to put the shapes in the right slot, within this idea the posters work as a series as they are in context with each other and tell a story between them. Although it works well, it doesn't show the core idea of repetition and practicing. 

The flipping of a pancake is something that everybody understand needs to be practiced before it is perfect, perfection is something that little people achieve if at all, which is mirrored in the flipping of a pancake in that not many people can successfully do it, the posters show how the failed flipping a pancake can after practice lead to the perfect flip of a pancake, to further improve the visuals however more focused needs to be placed on repeating the flipping of the pancake before perfection is achieved. The type poster however work very well in 'practice' being the pancake that is flipped and leaves 'makes perfect' to land in the pan but upside down, the positioning of the type mirrors the action shown in the other two posters. 
Similarly to the principles behind the wheel idea, the evolution of the iPod is a clever visual that show how apple have practiced and eventually perfected the digital media player, I also think that the iPod resonates with society as it is easily recognisable and high impact, therefore makes a good stimuli for the posters. The timeline and the gradual but not drastic change in the iPod development shows how repetition creates perfection over time, which is what my proverb is about. 

Within my initial ideas I explored how a tongue twister is something that has to be practiced to be perfected, this idea works extremely well for the type only poster, how it doesn't have visuals associated with it. Therefore for the other poster I created visuals to repeat a tongue twister, a mouth in which the tongue turns into a twister, which leads the eye to a shell the subject matter of the tongue twister. I think the posters work well as a series. The layout of the type and the use of different weights makes the message clear and understandable. 
Furthermore I also considered the obvious stimuli of sports as sports are a process and action that must be practiced to become better at. I choose to focus on darts as this allowed for simplistic visualisation, in that the image only poster leads onto the final poster repetition and act of playing darts is visualised within these posters. This makes for a strong visual representation of Practice make Perfect as the practising of the sport can be seen within the poster. However the type poster needs more development as it is weak in comparison and doesn't link to the other posters. 

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