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Alphabet Soup Typeface/ Crit

The brief involved designing a typeface for another persons character and personality, therefore for this critique, within medium sized groups all of the alphabets were placed on a wall with each partners next to each other vertically. Then as pairs each person was asked to discussed what they thought the designed for them was saying about there personality. This then lead to group discussion about how successful the work had been. 

I felt the typeface that had been designed for me used many elements of my personality and character and they were easily identifiable and other elements which were only revealed after examining the typeface. The typeface I designed for my partner David received mostly positive feedback and David felt it convey a part of his character simply and effectively. It was also noted that the typeface worked better with colour as the name demonstrated the typefaces being used with colour and it was very effective. The typeface worked well as a whole, however from the crit it was evident the letterform O needed more work, as when viewing the typeface from a distance it became apparent that it didn't fit with the rest of the typeface and didn't convey the shy yet distinctive side to David's personality. 

Summary: Develop the letterform O to fit more effectible within the typeface and consider how the letterform can be used to show David's shy yet distinctive characteristics like the other letterforms. 

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