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Alphabet Soup Crit

Within this crit all of the groups work were placed into groups of the same word, for example all of the typefaces conveys expand were placed together, as groups we then critiqued another groups work anonymously. As pairs within the groups we first discussed the work generally we then devised a serious of 5 criteria by which to judge the successfulness of the work, then looking at the body of letterforms created and viewing them as individual letterforms and not sets or series a process of elimination then began as we used to the criteria to remove any work that did not fulfil that criteria until the group of letterforms was narrowed down to 5 final letterforms. 

The work that I created in response to this brief worked as two series of 5 and for the letterforms to convey 'expand' they needed to be viewed as a set, therefore when my work was looked at by other as individual letterforms they didn't necessarily convey 'expand' without being in context of the other letterforms. From this crit process I have developed a greater understanding about how work can only be deemed successful against certain criteria, it is these criteria that define how successful a piece of work is. Although my work was eliminated early in the elimination of process because it didn't meet the criteria by which it was begging judged however this doesn't deem the work unsuccessful - only unsuccessful by certain criteria.

Summary: Work is deemed successful against a set criteria, which will be defined by those looking at the work

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