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Alphabet Soup Typeface/ Idea Development

Within this idea I explored the relationship between the weight of lines within the letterform which made up the letterform. Each of letterforms starts with a thiner weight which then develops into a stronger bolder weighted line. The idea visualises the shyness of David's character symbolised by the thin stroke which is then contrasted with the thick bolder stroke to signify David's character once you get to know him. This idea is effect in showing the change and contrast in david's personality. Certain letterforms work well such as the A and B however other letterform struggle to follow the symbolism of growth and change such as the letterforms O and T. 

These selection of ideas are based on 'hide and seek' which is a similar concept to what i'm trying to convey within my typeface, in that david hides his personality when you first meet him but then as you seek out his personality he changes and becomes a different person. The letterforms are based on the shapes your finger make when you cover your eyes while playing hide and seek, I have incorporated this finger visualises into the anatomy of the letterform. Within the other ideas I have explored how the eyes could be peeking through the letterform to symbolise how character is there you just have to work harder to see it. Also I have looked at the contrast between straight and wavy line strokes to create the letterforms. The wavy lines akin to david's initial timid exterior which then transforms into a stronger, more confident character. 

To further develop the letterforms that didn't work as well within the initial idea of using different weighted stroke within the letterforms, here I have explored different ways in crafting the letterform which weren't very successful. The letterforms C and G now work much better in that size of the letterform grows and extends. 

Within these ideas I have explored how the stroke/outline of the letterform could be manipulated to convey the change in David's character. The first series of letterforms looks at how a wavy, irregular line develops into a straight, smooth line to symbolise the journey and change in personality over time. Similarly with the series bellow a dashed/dotted line starts the letterform initially but then changes into a solid line to suggest the fragmented personality initially by then david's true character. Within the final series the contrast in smaller and larger letterform being combined shows the change and also the difference. The gap with between within half of the letterform may also suggest time and how he changes with time. Although these ideas work well in showing the development in his personality as letterforms when used at different scales wouldn't work very effectively, the stroke would become distorted.

I also used Photoshop as a development tool to explore ideas, within this ideas I have used a simple shape of a square to craft each letter form. The square signify the simple, quite side to david's character and the small lines being used to create bowls and other anatomy of the type to show how david initially only shows a little bit of his true personality, the letterforms work well however they don't show a change of development in character which is a key part of my statement of intent. 

Again I have used Photoshop as a tool for idea development, this idea crafts the letterform from a line which continually grows in weight to signify joinery in getting to know david's true character. The line weight starts at nothing, a point. and then develops into a thick, heavy stroke. Although the letterform works well, the visual aesthetic of the letterform I don't feel convey's david's character as it's sharp and angular, which doesn't reflect david's personality. 
This idea is based on the the shape that is made my the point of a speech bubble that is often shown coming from the mouth, I choose to use this shape because of it's links to conversation but also the shape shows growth from a small point into a larger shape which felt david's personality. 

For each of the letterforms within this typeface a square has been used, a simple and bland shape which is similar to how quite and shy david is when you first meet him, however the smaller circles within the typeface which created the bowls and other anatomy of the type suggest and reflect the elements of david's personality that come out in small doses as you begin to talk to him. However I feel the typeface is not that clear as the circles are quite small, to perhaps move this idea for the circles could be made larger to make more of an impact against the square.

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