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Alphabet Soup/ Photoshop Development

I used Photoshop to aid the development process as well as working with no digital media, as it allowed me to quickly experiment with ideas and forms, which could then be translated to hand drawn designs.

Here the A is created from negative space, the A is formed from expanding area from the outer edges of the letters.

Condensing the serif's at the bottom of the letterform and expanding them at the top of the letterform to show expanse from smaller to larger.

Creating the concertina effect digitally allowed from greater accuracy and unified measurements, within this P I created a concertina across the whole of the letter from small to larger, However the concertina could expand across multiple letters which would more strongly convey the concept of Expand as it will expand over a larger distance.

Using the 'G' I expanding and blew up the top half of the G and left the remaining half of the G, to show how part of the letter had expanded and the other had not, leaving some of the letter original, it communicates what the letterform has expanded from.

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Great thoughts you got there, believe I may possibly try just some of it throughout my daily life.

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