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Alphabet Soup/ Development

Here iI have explored a range of ideas, however the most effective idea is the movement within the K, gradually across a series of letterforms the elements of the K begin to move further apart, the letterform itself does not convey expanse, the space in which the K is moving communicates the idea the K is moving apart in a large space, much like the way space craft move in space.

I considered concept of a sugar cube dissipating into hot water could be used to communicate the idea of expanse, to visually communicate this i used a high density of dot around the sugar cube which gradually became less dense as the particles expand through the letter, however visually the idea shows movement, but does not communicate growth. I used a similar concept within the design of the 'I'. I also considered how expanding lines could be used to show expanse, I made the initial letter form small and allowed the lines to expand and exceed the dimensions of the letters, this conveyed expanse successfully.

Here I have explored a range of terms which convey expand, and tried to express them visually. The letterform 'P' expanding within the space of the box, the letter beginning confined and stopped from expanding further helps to communicate the visual message the letterform is growing and expanding. Using the letter 'P' i consider how a crack which starts small and and harmless develops into a larger developing crack expanding across the letterform. I also considered how perspective could be used to convey expanse and growth from small to big. Emerge was also a word I considered and how the letterform can grow from the being a 2D letterform into a 3D letterform. Using 'F' I again considered how increasing distances between lines could be used to convey expand.

I explored the idea of using radio waves to communicate expansion, as radio waves start from a central location and expand outwards, within the 'L' I kept the radio eaves a uniformed distance apart, however this didn't strongly communicate expand, as expand implies something getting bigger, then using 'X' i made the distant larger each time between the radio waves, this made the idea more obvious as it showed growth from something small to something large.

I Further developed the concept of using the concertina effect to create letterforms. Using Helvetica E, I used a wire frame concertina to fill out the letterform, starting with a very condensed cross which gradually become more open to show growing expanse.   However the idea initially translated well into a letterform, but as the crosses expanded and became more open it was less apparent what the lines were trying to create, therefore not communicating the concept of Expand clearly. To develop this idea further I considered how the a paper concertina would translate into a letterform, I experimented with the letter M for this idea as it has more unformed surface area horizontally, where as the E has large gaps which meant the vertical design of a concertina did not translate well into this letterform. The M worked extremely well at comunicsting Expand, as the paper conertina gradually became more open, the idea is subtle yet obvious, the letterform also works well as it shows movement - as expand is a movement.

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