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Alphabet Soup/ Initial Ideas

Brief/ Produce a set, series or sequence of ten visual letterforms that explore and communicate your interpretation of a word selected from the randomiser.

To begin the initial thought process I explored other possible words which had a similar meaning to expand, many of these words helped to encourage the initial design thought process, for example the words bloat, pyramid and spread had immediate and obvious visual outcomes. To further the thought process i began to look at concepts and ideas which reflect the theme of expanse, such as the spread and outbreak of viruses, expansion of the universe, Moore's law and the concertina effect. These ideas lead to create letter forms inspired by these theories, seen above, an 'I' created using expanding particles, i also explored the possibility of how virus molecules could potentially create letterforms as well as concertina frame work being used to create a letterform. I then used this initial diagram to help with the flow of ideas as i continued to develop potential ideas. 

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