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Studio Workshop: Defining Print Quality

Low Quality Category

Medium Quality Category

High quality Category

As decided by us as a group 
  • High quality Stock
  • Sustainability
  • Luxurious imagery 
  • Durability qualities 
  • Net Complexity 
  • Colour 
  • Print Processes such as foiling and embossing
  • Functional products


  • Durable
  • Mundane
  • Familiarity To Design (we become familiar to some design we see day in day out)
  • Ephemera
  • Disposability 
  • Bad designs
  • Functional

Low (Poor Quality)

  • Looking Mass-Produced
  • Poor Quality images 
  • Mimicry of higher quality products 
  • Overcrowded designs and typography 
  • Sometimes Gaurish Colours (In Context)

As decided by year
High Quality Print
  • Nice feeling stock
  • Sustainability
  • Aesthetic that looks and appears expensive, although it my it not be, creating an illusion
  • Durability
  • Net complexity

Medium Quality
  • Disposability
  • Good durability but design doesn't match
  • Familiarity
  • The stock maybe mundane and the design is not appealing to the consumer nor aesthetically pleasing
  • Imitative

Low Quality
  • Over crowding of the design, use of bold colours that are often not complementary and use of a number for of fonts, often three or more
  • Looks and appears mass produced
  • Poor quality images, especially within food packaging
  • Attempts mimicry of higher quality products
  • The packaging is either not needed or excessive packaging has been used

Contextual to quality 
  • Colour

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