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Branding to Packaging: Experimenting

Using simple vectors the first process I want through was recreating the logo digitally, so I could begin to work with it digitally with my designs. 

For these series of design variations I worked from my favourites designs that I had produced within the studio sessions, seeing them created digital defiantly changed my opinion of what worked and didn't work. I initially preferred the end design as the type followed the angles of the triangle however now I think it looks slightly tacky as it's positioned in the wrong way for how you interact with the product. I now prefer the second design as the black contrasting the white backgrounds work well and strong individuality of the triangle works well, solely on top of the package. Also the aqua logo on the side is fully readable when on a shelf whereas the other design it would be cut when displayed on the shelf. 

The last design I think works well with the triangle covering the centre of the design inside of the package however the half triangle on the front of the packaging ruins and disrupts the brand image of the triangle which is strong symbol for the brand. The middle best I feel works the best as when you're interacting with the product the separate AQ and UA on the front and back encourage you to explore the package before opening. Furthermore I think the the black inside contrast dramatically well with the outer of the packaging. 

The design on the right works well in the that the two triangles pull the eye towards the brand name of Aqua, and the the black front and sides work well against the white back of the packaging as on the shelf the packaging will seem all black but will be white on the back which is slightly more interesting. However I think the use of two triangles takes away from the simplicity of the brand. The first designs works more effectively overall. A band is created around the package with use of the black to separate the front and back. I also think think the vertical logo juxtaposed with the horizontal wording of aqua works well because the brand is Aqua by aqua. 

I'm not sure how well the split triangles would work across the packaging when printed, I don't think they would translate well visually when constructed, although I do like how the 'by aqua' sits between the angles and diagonals created by the triangles it makes the box seem less rectangular and more angular although it is not. However the top design works better with the alternating logo up side down and the right way up I think it encourages you to interact with the product and be more tactile with it. The white sides also contrast well with the black top and bottom.

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