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Branding to Packaging: Printing, Finishing & Assembly

To create the effect of a spot Varnish I purchased a varnish spray, although I varnish Spray I had brought I realised after purchasing and trying to return it again that it had a sparkly glitter finish, I wanted to create the affect of a clear spot varnish however I'll have to settle for a glitter finish. In order to create the spot, I masked off the entire net to leave only the black exposed to the varnish spray. This process was extremely tedious and I underestimated just how long it would take to do this to each individual net but none the less I persevered through it, in the name of graphic design! 

I was advised in Hobby Craft that as I was spraying onto paper with a spray that is intended for plastic that the best way to achieve a good affect was to spray thing coats from a distance and layer the coats of varnish to avoid the varnish absorbs into the paper. So I sprayed 3 coats to achieve the final affect with about 10 minutes drying time between each coat. Once completely dry I removed the masking and cut the net using a scalpel.

On the tabs that fold into the box, I cut a small insert that would allow the box to stay shut without the need for gluing similar to how the original net worked.

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