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Branding to Packaging: Modifying a Net

The first net I created was based on the Green&Blacks chocolate packaging, I measured out the fold lines using a ruler and recreated the net within Illustrator, however the original net is made a thin stock but the stock I will printed on was a thick white card, when I came to folding this net into it's final shape it didn't fold easily although I had pre scored the lines. The paper began to tear and rupture and come apart leaving the net looking messy and unprofessional. Furthermore the stock was that thick that when the folds overlapped each other it simply didn't work because of thickness was the folds were layered together. 

Although I could have changed the stock to a thinner stock and stick with this existing net to see if it would fold together I decided to designed a new net that was based on tabs and locks rather than just folds. The net I have redesigned creates a similar silhouette and surface area/volume to the previous net.  This also meant that the same design could be applied to this net with minimal modification and just the movements of the panels within the design so it folded together correctly. 

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