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Developing The Concept

We sat down as a group to discus our idea further and create a solid concept for why and how we were going to create this twitter campaign. The first obstacle we faced was that people might not want to tell a truth for no reason and why would someone just out right declare a truth on a social network for no reason. In response to this we discussed this as an issue but decided that the medium and target audience we are choosing are very open to declaring things on social networks and furthermore we are also creating a positive 'mob mentality' in that if everyone else is doing it then it makes it ok for you to do it as well. Additionally within the campaign we also wanted to promote the concept of indviduality and that we should all be proud of who we are not be shamed of the things we like and what makes us who we are. These ideas also lead us to the concept that as twitter allows people to easily connect that if people have the same or similar truth they can connect and begin to share there interests based on this common truth, so this idea of connecting people over mutual likes also become part of our concept. This ideas also reaffirms our initial message of 'get people to tell the truth more' as people will be encouraged to tell the truth more as they will find people who are similar to them.

We also discussed the types of tweets we wanted to get people to tweet and the tone of voice we needed to use within the visual communication of our message. We decided that we wanted to receive both serious and some more light hearted tweets, so a mix of subject matters within the tweets. This meant our visual communication would need to cater for both 'tones of voice' therefore allow people to feel comfortable being both light hearted and more serious if they feel.

Through this discussion as a group the Black Eyed Peas video for where is the love was also mentioned a few times as a way of virally spreading a message through an environment which is what we wanted to do - spread the message within the environment and get people to interact with it digitally. Within the video sticker are used as a form of guerrilla advertising to spread a common visual language which is exactly what we intend to do with out campaign.

Within this discussion we also decided on the core products that we wanted to develop as part of our campaign. We decided that the campaign would be formed of three key elements, stickers, a website and posters. The stickers would be used to spread the message through the environment and placed in common location to catch the attention of passers by. Placing them everything and getting people used and involved with the imagery would begin to create buzz around our concept. The website the forms the central location to which people access to get involved with the campaign and from here they are linked to out twitter and other parts of the campaign. The stickers will also encourage the audience to connect directly with the twitter account with use of the # on the sticker. Posters will then be used closer to the event to solidify the message being communicated by the stickers and also people to fully understand the idea if they haven't yet interacted with out webpage or twitter account digitally.

At this point we decided to split into two smaller groups, Eve and Luke form one group and they began to work on design some initial logo concepts while Myself and Hannah began curating the information and images for the mood boards. Although we split into smaller groups to work on tasks we still remained working in close proximity so the process felt collaborative and input from everyone could be added at any point.

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