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Initial Mind Map

"It always rains in your country. Make a poster for visitors to the UK explaining why so much rain is attractive. Don't be sarcastic, after all, rain can be romantic, useful or beautiful."

My initial thoughts and ideas I working with are looking at the positive aspects of rain and looking at how I can change the traditional perception of rain, which is that it is bad, into a more positive attitude towards rain. I will be focusing on playing with emotions that I can bring out within my posters. From a range of research that I have gathered about rain I will be exploring visual representations of rain. I have also looked at a selection of pre existing work to inspire and influence my design ideas, looking at visuals such as distortion and alternative visualisations of the rain drop. 

Primarily I want to work with just typography to produce my posters and experiment and investigate how rains can affect typography visually.

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