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100 Things/ Final Crit

I mostly agree with the comments made within the final crit of my work, the crit worked by pairs of peers looked over the work and suggested the strengths and weaknesses across a range of criteria. I agree that the products work as a set and series because the colour scheme and typefaces are consistent throughout, the layout style and vector based imagery is also mirrored throughout all of the products. I do also agree that the maps don't fit in within the 10 products, all of the products associate with delivery through a newspaper and the poster advertise this however the maps seem out place as they wouldn't a supplement in a newspaper, however these maps could have maybe been included within the newspapers and then other products could have perhaps been created. The issues with the variation i have known is an issue however as I was unable to test the colour of the yellow on the paper stock as the print was done by a third party I was unable to match this to the other yellows to makes the products all have a similar tone across all of the different stocks. 

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