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Communication Is A Virus: Initial Ideas

After choosing to work with fellow peers Eve Warren, Hannah Watt and Luke Rossiter we had to choose from a selection of predefines statements for which we would virally communicate and spread. After some discussion we decided that 'Get people to tell the truth more' would provide us with a predefined subject matter but us allow for a range of idea development and scope in innovative ideas. After choosing this topic/theme to communicate we sat down as a group and mind mapped some initial ideas as to more specific message we wanted to communicate and how we would go about doing this. Throughout the discussion it was clear that two of the ideas we has came up with we lift we could move forward with, a twitter campaign called 'tweetthetruth' in which people tweet a truth on using twitter and share this declaration to there followers our second strong I idea was to use and research unto Aesop's Fables and use these stories to communicate a message of truth. After further discussion we decided as a group that will the time scale given the twitter campaign would be more feasible and allow us to measure the success whereas the Aesop's fables idea would be harder to measure and perhaps hard to define a target audience that was not children. After this first initial discussion we decided to each go away and further develop ideas and thoughts around this ideas before meeting again on Wednesday to solidify the idea fully and begin drafting a full concept and rationale. 

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