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Design Is About Doing Crit

Pre Crit analysis of work using DIET (Describe, Interrupt, Evaluate and Theorise)

Describe: The focus for the aesthetics of my posters was to explore the effects rain can have on typography visually, within two of the posters I have also explored how the line can used a visual metaphor for rain, this was based on the principle that lines are made by rain when rain falls from the sky. I have also tried to consider uncommon colour scheme that move away from the clique of blue. The concepts behind the posters was to explore the effects rain can have on emotions such as beauty and anticipation's as well as attempting to adjust the traditional opinion that rain is bad into a rain that is good and should be welcomed. I have also experimented within the visualisation of the movement of rain.

Interrupt: The posters function by communicating a simple message yet deeper upon analyses through primarily typography and the visual adjustment of typography to further convey the message. The posters also make a statement about how we should react to rain, rather than despising it welcome rain upon us as a thing of beauty that is part of country.

Evaluate: Consideration of typography is appropriate within all three of the posters, the sans serif typefaces work well with the more graphically adjusted designs whereas the Didone typeface compliments the meaning and heritage behind the word orchestra. However the secondary typeface. The consideration of colour may need work, in an attempt to move away from the clique of blue, it hasn't been completely successful, further experimentation with colour is needed. The messages being communicated are delicate, new and clear.

Theorise: To an extent each of the posters meet the criteria of the brief in that they each explore a positive aspect of rain and convey that message clearly. However also elements of the brief are absent from the final resolutions such as the inclusion of ideas surrounding Great Britain and the north of Great Britain which is where the lecture is to be held. To further adhere to the brief more effectively consideration for other elements of the brief could be included. Further experimentation which colour is needed perhaps introducing a secondary colour or adding a tone/shade of blue to the existing colour choice.

Group Crit Feedback

Issues Raised: The primary issued raised with the main poster I focused on within the crit was that the text is placed in an order which is illegible. I intended the larger text to be read first as piece and then the smaller subtext to be read after however it was clear that my audience were reading the text in order which is a major problem. Colour was also raised as an issue although conceptually different it needs more work and development. The type hierarchy also formed a central discussion in that the main message should take precedence from a distance and then subtext be a secondary message that is read when the audience interact with the poster in a closer proximity. The positioning of the line were also a major concern, in particular the final of the three lines which appearing to be rising rather than falling, in general it was suggested the line could have more visual value, experimentation is needed.

Action to be taken: 
  • Experiment with the addition of more lines to more strongly convey the message of sounds and also rain and how the two interact to form the message being delivered
  • Re work the type hierarchy, perhaps making the main text slightly larger and moving the subtext into one line and placing it at the bottom of the poster and also making this text smaller
  • Also consider more how sound could be symbolised within the poster
  • Consider and experiment with a variety of different colours for both typography and background and consider printing directly onto stock of the chosen colour rather than printing the background colour
  • Also experiment with the thinner and thicker line used with the typography

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