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How To/ Designing The Two Week Calendar

As we had not set out a clear visual style for the group to follow at this stage we all began designing our sections of the box in way we felt we wanted to the box to look and then at a later stage we will collate out designs to create on cohesive design that features the elements of each person's work from within the group that worked well. After first planning the calendar on paper, deciding what the guinea needed each day and drafting some basic icons to symbolise each of the required actions for care I moved to photoshop to begin designing the calendar. 
I first began be designing a simple set of icons that symbolised each of the actions that needed to carried out in order to care for a guinea pig. I wanted to keep the icons simple and easily understandable furthermore keeping them simplistic meant that when scaling up or down they retained there understanding. 
Then moving forward I began to create a structure and grid for the calendar, I again wanted to keep the design simple and appealing to both children and adults, I used to dotted lines to make the design seem more friendly and approachable then a solid line. I also experimented with positioning the icons within the calendar. I also tested a cardboard background to test to see how the design could work if it were printed onto a cardboard stock, which here I think works effectively. I then presented my work to the group for group discussion. 

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