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How To/ Choosing The How To

When the brief was first delivered, we were placed into groups based on a common theme that was apparent in all of our individual How To's - this theme being animals. As a group we each individually discussed our how to, the research we had undertaken and how we felt the how to could be moved forward. Then through means of a group discussion we accessed each of the How To's and there potential with this brief, Ross spoke confidently about his How To and put forward some early concepts, which I and the rest of the group found interesting and offered potential, we therefore as a group decided to move forward with Ross's How To of How to take care of a guinea pig. We choose this How To as many members in the group including myself had research that was relevant to this How To already collected, the how to offered a clear audience yet also offered scope for originality and creativity. 
During this initial discussion we discussed ideas surrounding out target market, we felt aiming our thought processes towards designing for a market of new guinea pig owners, that includes both children and adults. The initial concept that was set out within this discussion was a form of carrying box that the guinea is placed in for transport from the pet shop to the new owners home and this box would also include information regarding the care of the guinea printed onto the box itself. 

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