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How To/ Areas Of Focus + Crit

As a group we needed to decide the information that would be included on the box before we could go away and research that information and begin turning this information into legible design for the box. As a group we brainstormed the key areas of care that are involved when looking after a guinea pig, these included :
  • Eating and Drinking habits - food they can and can not eat, foods they require
  • The living environment - the cage and materials they require 
  • Exercise - what exercise do they require and how regularly?  
  • Companionship - Behaviour with and without a companion
  • Hygiene - Cleaning and general care of the guinea pig
  • Illness - Common illnesses and how to prevent them 
  • Behaviour - Guinea pig behaviour and what it means 
Most of the information had already been gathered from the research Ross had already conducted as part of individual how to and research we had separately done within the group. Further discussion led us to deciding the key areas of information we felt needed to be included on the box/carrier. As a group we decided the following areas of information 
  • Chart of food guinea pigs can eat, food they can't eat and food they can eat sometimes
  • Pet behaviour guide
  • Two calendar of the first two weeks with your pet guinea pig 
  • Order of importance chart which depicts the most important areas of care for the guinea pig
  • Flow chart to determine which breed of guinea pig you own 

As a group we then divided up each of the elements of the box that needed to be designed and researched and took an area each. I choose to work on the two calendar for care of the guinea pig.

We then had our interim crit to present out idea and work through any issues. Our core idea was received well and we were told to keep heading in the same direction and progressing with the idea. It was mentioned that cardboard with white printed on top would work as a good aesthetic combination. It was also suggested that we explore and research food packaging and pet food packaging as this has a similar aesthetic and ideology that we are aiming for.

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