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How To/ Combing Designs

After all coming back together after working separately on our chosen elements of the box, it was evident that we had all designed to very different styles and none of our work matched and nor did it fit together coherently. This is when we began to struggle as a group in making decision on what to keep and what not keep of the work that had been created and how we were going to pull it together. We spent a lot of time trying to decide on colour schemes and font choices as we felt  this would aid the process of combining the work together. However we still found it difficult to make these decision, as we separated into two groups for most of the time we decided the only way to move forward was to all sit together and work through the designs as a group rather than on our own. Through doing this we soon began to create a move cohesive design, Ross, Emily and Beth worked through there designs together in the morning and choose and colour scheme and font. Then in the afternoon Myself and Martin worked to these guidelines to pull our work into match the style laid out by the other part of the group in the morning. We then all worked together to finally pull all of our individual designs onto the one net of box/carrier. Once all the separate design were combined into one document we tweaked elements and adjusted certain area to make it all fit together and work as one piece of design. 

The chosen colour scheme and typeface

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