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Proverbially Yours 1/ Poster Development Post Crit

Within this crit was work was critiqued anonymously and by two individuals and no discussion took place, the feedback was written and not verbally received. The feedback came in the form of a series of answered questions about my work. Having received two feedback sheets, this gave two differing perspectives on the successfulness of my work, some points made were similar whereas other's differed largely in opinion. The main concensus about my work was that the type only image works extremely well on it's own however did not work with the other two posters and the image and type and image poster was not as strong as the type only poster. The feedback stated it was 'unclear' as to what message was being communicated by the image and type and image posters. The feedback also suggested the colours worked well with there associations to the sea, however the shell needed more prominence within the design, perhaps by taking advantage of stock to add another dimension of colour. The use of different weights within the typeface I used also worked effectively. 

Action Plan: Rework the image and type + image posters to communicate a clearer and more similar message

After an unanimous crit was undertaken against my posters I made some changes to the posters to more clearly convey the proverb. I made changes to the image and type and image posters. To show the ideology of repeating a  practice, I created a more simplistic tongue which was twisted in a similar style to that of road signs and simplistic visuals that don't look like there real world counterparts but more clearly represent the image you are trying to convey. I then repeated this twisted tongue imagery to show how the tongue twister is being repeated before in the final poster the tongue becomes untwisted and is perfect again, the posters make use of what worked well in the poster I designed during my development, in that the two poster link with each other and tell a progressive story to convey the message. 

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