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Proverbially Yours 2/ Developing The Net

Before I could begin to design a digital version of a net I created mock up version so that I could calculate measurements for the nets and also work out where required tabs would need to be positioned and how big they needed to be and also to test that the net made a functioning mail shot which worked. Using the dimensions from this net it allowed me to create an exact replica using Adobe photoshop in which I could create the design in to.

To develop this idea further I focused on strengthening the spine visuals to more strongly represent the spine. I did this by altering the shape of the spine bones from circles to more bone like shapes which varied in size and looked as if they fit together alike the spine does furthermore I added circles either side of each of the bones as this is keep part of spines design which help to communicate that the pictogram is a spine. I also considered the placement of the address. stamp and the type on the mail shot. 

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