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Good is New York City: Concept Pitch 1

Concept 1: A New York Tourist Publication 
For this first concept pitch we were asked to develop a range of lear three concepts in response to our defined brief. My first concept is based on an idea that I had from the initial start to project. The concept is essentially a publication which works like a tourist guide which different information about the city of New York however what makes it unique, personal and special is that it has pullout which you tear out of the publication with tid bits of information on about the city. These little pull out will come in various different formats, stocks and textures but the primary concept behind the design is that the publication appear like a journal of someone who has already visited New York. And these little pull out will come in form of napkins, business, leaflet things that people collect on their travels. 

Concept 2: An App
My second concept is about turning all of the unique information I have gathered about New York and turning it into a way finding application. So that rather than someone having to read through a tourist guide the information is delivered to them as they explore the city and relevant content is shown as you navigate through the city. The app would work by using the camera and augmented reality and information would be projected ono the scene the user is seeing through the camera.

Concept 3: Packaging of glasses
My final concept works on more of a gimmick basis and it is essentially a series of packaged glasses which relate to different types of tourists or people exploring the city and each pair of glasses would come accompanied with a tourist guide which was relevant to them and their interests based on the type of glasses that they purchased. This concept has been developed around the idea that a tourist guide is made to suit everyone tastes but it can be hard for the individual to find the information they are actually interested in and this would solve that problem by presenting the user with only the information that interests them. 

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