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Good is New York City: Concept Crit 1

Feedback Received:
This crit was run by a member of staff and we were in small groups in which we each had to present out ideas within three minutes and we then had time for feedback, a few people were missing from our session which actually benefited us as it meant we all got more to discuss and talk though our ideas. I presented my three concept which I felt were all received. However after discussion with the group it became apparent that the packaging concept was not that strong, for many reasons, many because people don't need to buy glasses as they already own them furthermore some may want to buy a pair of glasses but the guide may not be relevant to them. However it was suggested that the idea of making the information relevant to each person and selecting key information to present to the audience was a strong idea and could be brought into another concept. People within the crit group also liked the publication idea but it didn't have any lasting value especially as pages are torn out and then lost it just didn't seem a practical piece of print to produce, I agreed with these points raised. Perhaps my most well received idea was the app concept everyone felt that it was a new and interesting idea and a great way to present this other mundane and laborious amounts of information about new york it also makes the information more interesting to intake. To sum up the feedback I received I think as a group we were in agreement that I should take elements from each of my initial concepts and bring them together into one concept with a primary focus on the application concept.

Moving Forward:

  • Develop a solid concept taking the best bits of each concept I have created 
  • Present this final concept within the next crit 

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