What Is A Line: Printed Resolution

What Is A Line: Developing the Net

I also produced a tracing paper wrapping for the postcards, this idea was sparked as a result of the content being about food and wrapping the postcards would be reminiscent of how burgers and other fast food is packaged, it is there purely as a visual device and also to keep the postcards together within the outer box. Additionally created stamps to keep the wrapping of the tracing paper closed and to keep the box closed. 

What Is A Line: Completed Postcards

What Is A Line: Developing the Postcards

What Is A Line: Food Alphabet Photos

What Is A Line: Testing

What Is A Line: New Rationale

Brief: (What is the problem you intend to solve?)
To explore a graphic visualiation of a chosen line, like and logic.
Typography > Food > Anatomy of Type
Using food I will construct each letter of the alphabet and each of these letter will detail another anatomical property of typography.

Who needs to know? (Who is your audience? Be concise no more than 10 words)
Other graphic designer, in particular design students who are new to typographic theory

What do they need to know? (Be clear and specific)
They need to now who typography works with a line, how it sits within a line, what ascends above and descender bellow the line the conform and restrict typography. They also need to know the anatomical features of letterform as well as the meaning and definitions of these shapes made by letterforms.

What will they respond to? (How will they connect/understand the outcome?) 
The final graphic product I will produce will be very interactive which will make the information I am communicating more easy to understand and easier to taken in and remember as it will a skill and knowledge that all graphic designers should have. After interacting with the product they will have a better understanding of the conventions of typography and how letterforms are constructed.

What research is required? (What do you need to know in order to complete this brief to the fullest potential?)
Anatomical features of typography and there respective definitions
Which foods are best to craft into letterforms

What Is A Line: New Brief

What Is A Line: Initial Experiments

After experimenting creating glitch typography using a variety of techniques such as scanning letterforms into the computer using a scanner but moving the image as it is being scanned, and using Photoshop to digital manipulate the letterforms is became evident that proposed idea to respond to this brief was not going to work effectively. The primary reason being as I wanted to communicate the elements of the letterform and there meaning and reasons for being a particular shape and form would not work when the letterform it's self is distorted as the user won't understand what shape the letterform is actually meant to be making. Therefore I have used my initial ideas that I explored within design principles to consider another idea that I could use in response to this brief and I have chosen to explore and investigate 

Lines in typography > Food > Anatomy of Type 

What Is A Line: Alphabet Plan

What Is A Line: Writing My Brief

What Is A Line: Exploring the Brief

Type & Grid: InDesign Layout

Type & Grid: Reconstruction 4


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